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OnTo College: College Counseling Tools for High Schools will help your school create more two- and four-year college graduates with minimal debt.

E​very student deserves the right college at the right price, but many busy high school counselors are responsible for hundreds of students and much more than college counseling. It can be difficult to provide all the necessary information to all students so that no one overpays or over-​borrows​ for college.The​ OnToCollege program​ helps hard-working cunselors easily access all the data and material to ensure all students find the right college at the right price.

OnToCollege includes:

o   Set of three books: Platinum Guide for College: Finding Your Best-Fit College at the Lowest Cost, America’s Most Affordable Colleges: Our Definitive List of the Best, Lowest-Cost Schools, and College Counselor’s Manual: Helping Busy Counselors be More Efficient. 

o   College Counseling Videos -  Examples include: Finding Your Best College At TheLowest Cost, The College Visit, Maximizing College, and many more.

o  PDF Documents - Examples include: AP/IB Guidelines for College Credit, State Scholarship Lists, NCAA Clearinghouse Guide, Debt Repayment Schedule, and many more.

o   One hour consultation with a JBP College Counseling expert via webinar.

“John Baylor Prep is about helping our students achieve the American Dream. will learn about the simple steps that you can take to give high school students the best opportunity to succeed in college. Little or no debt and a college degree? John Baylor does a great job of helping students successfully navigate the academic and financial world of college...and is helping our kids grow their opportunities for success!”

-Dr. James Sutfin, superintendent of Millard Public Schools

"As a 38-year Superintendent, I have learned how powerful JBP's materials truly are. This ... helps all counselors be great college counselors.” 

-Kent Miller, Superintendent

 “This Manual is a comprehensive, easy-to-use Guide that every busy school counseling office should have.”

-Angela Leifeld, Secondary School Administrator

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