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College Counseling Boot Camp + Planning Session

College Counseling Boot Camp + Planning Session

You will receive a copy of our proprietary books America's Most Affordable Colleges and Platinum Guide For College: Finding Your Best-Fit College at the Lowest Cost. America’s Most Affordable Colleges gives you the list of four-year colleges under $22,000 a year, many under $17,000 a year.  The Platinum Guide is the indispensable tool for counselors and parents; The Platinum Guide creates smart college shoppers. Get your best-fit college and spend less.

One year access to our College Counseling video collection.  Videos include:

The Four-year vs. Two-year College Question

Applying to In-State Colleges

Finalizing Your College List—the nine questions

The College Visit

Maximizing College

Best College at the Lowest Cost

Why a Degree Matters

The SAT vs The ACT


One year access to OnToCollege Planning Materials for Families.  Examples of Planning Materials include: Student Surveys for each grade, Student/Family Guide to Successful College Visits, Comparing Costs and Financial Aid Awards, Fall Back Plan, Community College Guide, Websites with College Information.

A two-hour planning session with John Baylor, you will meet either in person or virtually.  You will leave the session with a road map for your college selection process.