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Beginning-to-End College Counseling for International Students

Beginning-to-End College Counseling for International Students

You will receive a copy of our proprietary books America's Most Affordable Colleges and Platinum Guide For College: Finding Your Best-Fit College at the Lowest Cost. America’s Most Affordable Colleges gives you the list of four-year colleges under $22,000 a year, many under $17,000 a year.  The Platinum Guide is the indispensable tool for counselors and parents; The Platinum Guide creates smart college shoppers. Get your best-fit college and spend less.

 One year access to our College Counseling video collection.  Videos include:

The Four-year vs. Two-year College Question

Applying to In-State Colleges

Finalizing Your College List—the nine questions

The College Visit

Maximizing College

Best College at the Lowest Cost

Why a Degree Matters

The SAT vs The ACT

Access to OnToCollege Planning Materials for Families.  Examples of Planning Materials include: Student Surveys for each grade, Student/Family Guide to Successful College Visits, Comparing Costs and Financial Aid Awards, Fall Back Plan, Community College Guide, Websites with College Information.

A two-hour planning session with John Baylor, you will meet either in person or virtually.  You will leave the session with a road map for your college selection process.

Ongoing College Counseling support and guidance through the entire college selection process with one of the JBP College Counselors specializing in placement of international students at U.S. colleges and universities.  Your own private College Counselor.